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Area99 transformation services

Fast-track to AI transformation

We lead AI-first transformations by bringing the best practices of data science, deep learning and process automation to the world's most innovative organizations.

We lead AI-first transformations by bringing the best practices of data science, deep learning and process automation to the world's most innovative organizations.

Why your business needs an AI-centric transformation

AI is key to any 
future-proof transformation

what it means to be AI-Centric

AI is a multidisciplinary domain that requires a full understanding of the business dynamics, how automation takes part across every business function and how data emerges from every interaction with your clients and prospects. That's why being AI-centric is key to any future-proof transformation.

A drastic impact on competitiveness 
and ROI

How AI helps thriving businesses

Becoming AI-centric brings a drastic potential to costs-saving and business competitiveness. Having AI technologies at the heart of business processes enables a coordinated and a timely response to change, which is a key to thriving in a constantly changing world and business environment.

Spark creativity within 
your team

The role of AI in effective teams

Teams that work along with AI-powered systems are proven to have a a greater level of autonomy, and a much more futuristic and creative thinking while dealing with a wide range of business challenges on daily basis

Mitigate Risks 
of digital transformation

Learn why

Traditional digital transformation opens a door to more cyber risk and increases burden on business leaders, while AI-driven transformation mitigates most of these risks by reinforcing risk controls and rethinking the assumptions of digital transformation

Area99 AI Transformation Journey

A resilient AI transformation strategy

We design and engineer a resilient AI-centric transformation plan that helps your organization foresee its transformation journey, strengthens your competitive advantage, help you capture the opportunities and mitigate the risks of AI implementation .

Access to the 3P enablers to AI transformation

People, Process and Platform are the key to a successful AI implementation. We enable your transformation journey through access to our team of machine learning engineers, data scientists and researchers who follow a proven process and utilize a well-designed platform to accelerate your AI transformation.

Change-driven implementation powered by AI research

We support your continuous AI transformation journey, driven by agile practices to address and respond to market changes and led by realization of new ideas, innovative products and access to the most recent artificial intelligence research .

It's time to take a leap of intelligence

As the economic recovery of the 2019 pandemic is evident, companies that reimagine their operations and use artificial intelligence to their advantages will perform best in the next normal. AI is helping industries recover faster, make better and informed decisions, automate processes and change the way they engage with their employees and clients.

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Build the next life-changing AI

While the rapid advances in machine and deep learning increase the scope and scale of AI’s deployment across all aspects of daily life, our team at Area99 is taking part of this revolution by democratizing AI and making it accessible to every organization regardless of their size or location.

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Area99 annual report on artificial intelligence transformation

2021 Report

Inspiring industry insights on how companies are using AI and how it changes the way we conduct our daily lives.

Learn what really works in AI and how to avoid getting wrapped in the hype around machine learning applications.

Find out how to mitigate the risks that come with AI implementations and the right process and technologies to use.

Self-driving Businesses

The promise of the AI era


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