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Data science & ML Radar

Area99 Technology Radar

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Our curated stack to conquering AI frontiers

This is our highly opinionated toolset and selection of technologies and practices we use everyday to build resilient AI & ML applications. Area99 radar reflects the variety and granularity of experiences we have across our teams which is constantly growing and improving with the products we build and the projects we undertake.

Tackling AI systems complexity
at the source

This radar is designed with one goal in mind – to help us remove the complexity that comes with the implementation of AI applications and to make it easier for teams at Area99 as well as the teams of our clients to build rich and user-engaging AI experiences at scale.

By selecting, benchmarking and evaluating AI technologies and setting a number of engineering best practices, as well as practices for working with data and machine learning operations, we pave the way to accelerated innovation and new discoveries for our clients .

How we build our transformation stack

Selection of new technologies could be difficult and is definitely a laborious and time consuming job, that's why we bear the responsibility of making it easier for our clients and our teams to find the right tools when they need it.

The selection of technologies at Area99 is an ongoing daily progress of improvement that is embodied in the testing and intensive evaluation of functionality, performance, reliability, security and scalability of the selected technologies and benchmarking them against the tools in our stack and similar alternatives, as well the elimination of volatile, unstable technologies that don't match our standards and best practices.

Core technologies

These are first class, mostly general purpose, high performing technologies that we tested and experienced for long time, they are key parts to the foundation and DNA of our products and services.

CandidateCore PerformanceEnablers

Performance tools

High performance and specialized technologies that are used everyday by most of our teams, they are quite specialized and proven to produce great overall results.

Enabling technologies

These are well-designed and functionality-dense technologies that we have previously put to the test and used them on and off in our products and services depending on the use case.

Candidate technologies

These are promising technologies that are mostly used by other startups. We are religiously evaluating them and putting them to the test and we take them in consideration in certain use cases.

Navigate Area99 Radar

Navigating through the radar gives you a glimpse of the technologies we use for AI transformation. It is not a detailed benchmark, but it could be an inspiring experience.

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