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About Area99

Democratizing AI

Our vision of an intelligent and autonomous world is what drives us towards making AI available for every organization regardless of its size or business domain.

Who we are

We are:

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Area99 is a growing startup and a network of experts in artificial intelligence and autonomous systems who come with diverse set of skills and expertise from machine learning, robotics engineering, big data, software architecture and process automation.

Our passion for science and technology is the key link between all our team members and a strong technical leadership is what differentiates the team at Area99 from other traditional consultancy firms. Our core team is based in Germany, while our network of experts is extended across Europe, the US and Asia.

What we do

We get our clients from zero to one on their AI transformation journey.

At Area99 we deeply believe that access to artificial intelligence is key to the success and thriving of future organizations, that's why we made it our missions to enable, empower and support startups and enterprises with innovative end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions that help them drastically cut costs, deliver better services and products and stay years ahead of the competition.

How we do it

We build autonomous and semi-autonomous software system that help our clients in complementing or replacing their human resources in a variety of tasks that require a certain level of intelligence and attention to details.

Software products that we build generally have a higher speed of execution, have a higher operational ability and accuracy, have the potential to outperform humans, and the ability to learn and acquire new skills under supervision from domain experts.

we care

Ethics and core values


We recognize that "Great people, build great startups". That's why key personal values like courage, commitment and integrity are among the top traits we hire for.

Our team represents a diverse mix of experience and expertise who come from various age, gender, and ethnic groups, and we believe that diversity in the workplace isn’t just right, but also smart and crucial to creating successful products.

Social Responsibility

Applying artificial intelligence for human good

While technologies like deep and reinforcement learning are considered an integral part of the current and upcoming industrial revolution, their impact and far-reaching consequences, are yet to be comprehended. Through Area99 online and offline events, we make sure that we listen to the community and we are part of the ongoing conversation and the movement that aims at using AI to tackle some of the world’s most challenging social problems.

Upcoming events

Our events are currently on hold due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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