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Senior Deep Learning Engineer (Computer Vision)

Reporting to Area99 CTO, in this role, you will work with our team on designing and implementing advanced visual odometry, visual SLAM and other techniques to determine the orientation and position of a robot, as well as build prototypes and production level computer vision applications that run in the cloud and on edge-computing.

As a senior engineer, you're expected to collaborate company-wide which will offer you significant opportunities for involvement in a variety of projects and you work and computer vision algorithms will be central to the design of our autonomous system.

What you will be doing everyday at this job:
  • Develop novel state of the art algorithms that understand and map the 3D surrounding world and is part of an intelligent autonomous systems
  • Implement and deploy production quality software and realtime algorithms that utilize image segmentation, object detection, image classification, object tracking, optical flow analysis and pose estimation
  • Lead the design, optimization and production-deployment of machine and deep learning models
  • Lead a small and agile software team, decide what features to build and design and implement them, focusing on distributed and scalable solutions
What we're looking for:
  • Bachelor's degree in a STEM field with at least 5 years of experience; Master's degree and at least 3 years of experience
  • You're more than a software engineer, and you like building and evaluating experiments under statistical rigor
  • Proficiency working with a modern programming language focused on data analysis and machine learning (e.g. Python, R, Julia, Matlab)
  • Experience training large scale models in at least one modern deep learning engine such as Tensorflow or PyTorch
  • Proven experience with at least one of the following frameworks : OpenPose, OpenCV, YOLO, SciKit
  • Experience in designing and training computer vision models as well and experience with RGB and RGB-D cameras or GPU shader programming skills (such as GLSL) is preferred
  • A passion for team activity, and experience working in a multi-disiplinary team where you enjoyed being the technical expert and enabling others
  • Previous experience working in startup or in agile environment and good understanding of minimum viable product (MVP) and what it takes to launch a prototype or pilot project

At Area99 we believe that people are key to any successful AI transformation, that's why we carefully select our team. Your success in this job depends on how detail-oriented you are, your technical ability and most important your personality and being able to communicate effectively with your team and other stakeholders.

  • Location :Berlin, Germany
  • Remote :Possible
  • Benefits :Full benefits
  • Application Deadline :28/1/2023
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