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Area99 Leadership team

Area99 Leadership

At Area99 our core philosophy is to lead by example, that's why we hold ourselves accountable for the success and thriving of every member of our team and for the success of our clients who choose to trust our services and products.

Zaid Sasa
Co-founder & CTO

Zaid is an engineer and programmer at heart, and his passion for robust and intelligent systems is what drives his tenacity in pursuing excellence and his commitment to quality of the products and systems we build at Area99.

With 15 years of experience in the software industry, backed with a degree in computer science and mathematics, Zaid is a visionary, a leader and a best practices setter when it comes to the design of automation software and high-traffic and rea-time systems.

Before joining and co-founding Area99, Zaid worked for 3 years as a Software Architect at one of the major LegalTech startups in Germany where he led a team of 20 engineers that implemented a legal services platform used by millions of users across Europe.

At Area99, Zaid helps our clients overcome the daily challenges they face in an innovative way using Area99 machine learning, automation and robotics solutions.

Mohamed Almasry
Founder & CEO

Inspired by intelligent life, and drawn to the little details that go into the design and architecture of autonomous systems, Mohamed's goal is to help other startups to go from good to great utilizing artificial intelligence and robotics.

Mohamed's passion for technology started at a young age when he built his first website in the early 2000s. A few years later he started his career in software engineering and since then he's been in several technical and leadership roles where he led startup teams that built deep tech products in automation, big data and machine learning.

Prior to founding and launching Area99, he worked for five years as a Data engineering and ML consultant for a number of German startups and leading enterprises like Bosch and Siemens.

Backed with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, his study of Software Systems at Oxford University, and years of practicing agile project management, Mohamed tirelessly manages and oversees the execution of every project and initiative at Area99.

Our story

A tale of passion for science and technology

Our passion for innovation and experiment was the seed and the catalyst of a friendship that started back in 2013. We've always shared our experiences and thoughts on how our daily lives are changing because of the slow, yet increasing adoption of artificial intelligence technologies, but we also knew that humanity is on the edge of great discoveries guided by AI.

In March 2020 during one of our gatherings, we realized it's just about time we launch a startup that paves the way to more discoveries and shows businesses and people the real potential of artificial intelligence.

We're Area99, an innovative startup that is reimagining a better future for people, their families and businesses powered by artificial intelligence and robotics.

What we bring to business

Unbounded imagination

We deeply believe that exploration, research and sailing boldly into the unknown is the only way to new innovations and discoveries.

Sharp business acumen

We come equipped with a proven experience, commercial awareness and a keen understanding of businesses practices, risks and opportunities.

Infinite mindset

We come to business everyday with an infinite mindset, deeply believing that we are not here only for the short wins but mainly for the long infinite game.

At the speed of AI

At the speed of AI

The promise of Area99 is to deliver solutions and services to our clients at the speed of the changes we witness everyday in the artificial intelligence spectrum, allowing them to unlock their data-driven innovation and stay years ahead of the competition.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Find out how our tailored artificial intelligence solutions can help your business.

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